Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ghost Writing Samples for Email

Email Sample 1

Hello Team ----,

I would like to formally introduce you to just one of the many reasons that we come to work every day.

Please meet --------; she is our most recent CSI Success Story! Her story is truly inspiring and showcases what can be accomplished when we work together as a team. Not only did she graduate from the Gurnee campus and find employment, but she also re-enrolled in our CISCO program to further her education. This speaks volumes about the quality of education we provide and the positive impact we have on our students.

Thank you for helping make our students dreams of a better future come true!

Email Sample 2

Hello Team ----,

We are launching a campaign to recognize our most impactful employers that have supported CSI students with employment opportunities. The Changing Lives and Impacting the Community or CLIC campaign allows us to give back to our biggest supporters, our local employers. Next month we will be alerting 18 employers that they have been indoctrinated into the program based upon the support they have shown our students. 

I have attached a picture of the materials for the campaign and we will have an awards ceremony for the employers at their respective campuses. We will also be providing press releases to the local media about their support and how much they have positively impacted our student’s lives. Stay tuned for more detailed information as the program is formally rolled out.

Just one program of many to come that will give back to our supporters!

Ghost Writing Sample for School Newsletter

Summer is officially coming to a close and fall is upon us. For most, that means that school is going to be back in session and CSI is no exception! In fact, fall is when we welcome back more than 2500 International Students. These students come to CSI from over 90 countries and look to CSI as their school of choice. 

Looking back, this is an amazing accomplishment because a little less than 10 years ago we did not even have a single International Student roaming our halls. Even more amazing is that we are now recognized in the top five F1 and M1 schools in the country by SEVIS. To put these numbers into perspective we are now on par with Cornell University!

It pleases me to point out that most of the team members that started our International efforts are very well respected and still with CSI. ---------, ----------, ---------, and ---------- will all be able to tell you their stories firsthand about the history and challenges associated with building the program. 

I am proud to say that our founder, ----------, embodied the leadership to have a vision and built a strategy that could be executed upon. It is inspirational to me how the right team at the right time can make an amazing impact in so many people’s lives. This is a testament to how working together with the best interest of the student in mind can overcome any obstacle. 

It is in the spirit of team work that I would like to send this message: Some of you are functional members of our teams and some of you are leading teams, but all of us are on team CSI. As your leader and driving force at CSI, I am focusing all of my efforts to continue the tradition of dreaming big, team building and developing great leadership. 

The results below are a great indicator of what can happen when different people, from different backgrounds, can be united under one vision to achieve great things. I would like to thank -----, -----, -----, and ---- for making so many students’ dreams of attending CSI a reality.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ghost Writing Sample Personal Training Client - Habits

Hey it’s Rae…. We all have habits that we have formed over the course of our lives and let’s tell the truth, some are good and some are downright evil. These habits can manifest themselves in many different ways; hopefully you have more good habits that can have a positive impact on your life than evil. So if you haven’t already caught on….I am using the term evil a little tongue in cheek, but the fact is that bad habits do have negative and therefore evil consequences on your physical and mental health. But have no fear, you can teach an old dog new tricks and I am going to give you some sage advice about habit forming.

-Habit Creation Does Not Happen Overnight
It took you a couple of years to create the habits you currently have, so why would you expect to change them overnight. In my opinion, the whole statement that it takes “21 days to create a habit” is hogwash! More research than ever before is finding that a 60+ day timeframe is more realistic and a good marker that the habit formed is truly that a habit and not an action. What’s the difference???? An action is something we consciously think about doing, a habit happens unconsciously and almost automatically. 

-Pull the Trigger
I think it goes without saying that I am not talking about a gun, but there I said it. I am talking about using the trigger methodology to tie certain daily actions to the habits you want to create. For instance, if the habit you want to create is drinking more water during the day, then use the washroom as your trigger, every time you empty out fill back up with one glass of water. Do this consistently and before you know it you will have created the habit of drinking more water. Apply this to other areas you want to work on and tie them into other daily activities. 

-Just Do It
Just start doing the things you want to do and don’t make excuses. If you want something, you have to work at it and it will become part of who you are. That’s all I have to say about that!

Now that you have the tools to get the job done, make sure that you use them. Also, it is very important to be kind to yourself and do not judge yourself too harshly if you fall off track. This is going to be a journey of a thousand miles; remember that is starts with one step and is followed by many more. I guarantee that you will stumble, maybe even fall along the way, but how you get back up and move forward is what counts. Celebrate every win, no matter how small it is, and before you know it you will have more good in you than evil.