Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ghost Writing Sample for Business Blog - Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Summed Up With Less…

The true servant leader is a rare commodity. Typically, in most business environments, the Theory X manager is prevalent; most of the time employees work in spite of them and not for them. However, true servant leaders do exist and their leadership style can be summed up with less…

Tireless...The true servant leader has an unmatched work ethic and leads by example. They can often be seen working side by side their employees as a resource until the job or project at hand is complete. The best part about their leadership is that they don’t work on the team begrudgingly, they actually want to be there with the team and bring a positive vibe and can do attitude.

Egoless… The true servant leader has no ego and typically feels uncomfortable taking credit for the accomplishments of their teams. They prefer to highlight the successes of their employees and are happy to abdicate the spotlight if it is for the benefit of someone else. This lack of ego also contributes to a lack of finger pointing and blame when crisis arises for the servant leader’s team. Instead of wasting time finding blame to save face, they bypass that step and work on solutions to the challenge at hand.

Selfless… The true servant leader is a completely selfless human being. They never bring any ulterior or spiteful motives to the table and all of the decisions they make are for the greater good. They would rather pass along the benefits and spread around the wealth than keep the majority of it for themselves. A true servant leader is also ready to take on a team member’s responsibility directly, to not only support the team member in their time of need, but to ensure the job at hand gets done.

There are more qualities that can be attributed to servant leadership, but these three are core to their DNA. These are the qualities of a servant leader that can’t be taught or learned in MBA classes, true servant leaders are born with them. These three attributes come naturally to them and they are unconsciously competent at working with high performing teams. If you find yourself working for one…make them your mentor. If you are lucky enough to have hired one…don’t ever let them go!

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