Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ghost Writing Samples for Email

Email Sample 1

Hello Team ----,

I would like to formally introduce you to just one of the many reasons that we come to work every day.

Please meet --------; she is our most recent CSI Success Story! Her story is truly inspiring and showcases what can be accomplished when we work together as a team. Not only did she graduate from the Gurnee campus and find employment, but she also re-enrolled in our CISCO program to further her education. This speaks volumes about the quality of education we provide and the positive impact we have on our students.

Thank you for helping make our students dreams of a better future come true!

Email Sample 2

Hello Team ----,

We are launching a campaign to recognize our most impactful employers that have supported CSI students with employment opportunities. The Changing Lives and Impacting the Community or CLIC campaign allows us to give back to our biggest supporters, our local employers. Next month we will be alerting 18 employers that they have been indoctrinated into the program based upon the support they have shown our students. 

I have attached a picture of the materials for the campaign and we will have an awards ceremony for the employers at their respective campuses. We will also be providing press releases to the local media about their support and how much they have positively impacted our student’s lives. Stay tuned for more detailed information as the program is formally rolled out.

Just one program of many to come that will give back to our supporters!

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