Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ghost Writing Sample for Business Blog - Communication

Communication: the Cause of and Solution To!

Communication: the cause of and solution to many corporate culture ills. Not enough communication from the top down or sideways in an organization and the culture as well as the morale suffer. Too much communication, well I don’t believe that there is such a phenomenon. 

When communication flows freely in an organization, it creates inclusion by letting employees know that they are an integral part of the organization, so integral that nothing is off limits to them. Constant communication of the good, the bad, and dare I say it... the ugly, can also contribute to a sense of camaraderie, a “we’re all in this together” philosophy. This philosophy can come in handy during times of organizational strife where resources from all over the company need to be banded together to overcome a serious challenge. 

If the employees have been communicated with consistently and properly, a synergy starts to take hold where services and talents are volunteered to assist the organization to move forward. If there has been a lack of communication or inconsistent communication, then employees’ feel disconnected from the organization and as a result, disconnected from the challenges it’s facing as well. This is a very dangerous ecosystem for a company to live in as it creates a, “well as long as the paychecks cash” ideology. This leads to disinterested employees, lack of morale, lower productivity, and high turnover. There is a direct correlation between employee engagement and productivity. 

Keep your employees engaged by communicating with them and they will feel informed and empowered that they are part of the greater good. I guess the moral of the story is feel vested enough in your employees to communicate with them and they will feel vested in you!

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